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It gives me no small pleasure – and a great sigh of relief – to tell you that A Sound Map Of Harrogate is now available on the iTunes Store. If you want to hear the fruits of this site in Podcast form be sure to click HERE.

The media is all hosted on a top-secret server in Nottingham and I used Blubrry Podcasting App to facilitate the Post-Type Feed.

Granted, the site is still in its infancy, but I am hoping to drum up as much support as possible for the project. I am very keen to get this site going – but, I am struggling to find the time to do anything with it.

Still, the background framework is all in place for World Domination.

The same method has been employed to distribute the podcast to Google Play and TuneIn. Google Play does not yet allow Podcasts to be heard in the UK, at least on my Apple equipment. But, TuneIn I remain hopeful about.

With the coming of the Podcast, I have created a new page on this site so that anyone with media playback software on their computer or phone can subscribe. If the reader heads over to the SUBSCRIBE Page then they will be given a range of options to choose from.

Now to actually go out there and record something – I have procrastinated too long …

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