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Really, all you need is a modern phone.

There are apps built for the reporting of news that can come in very handy for Field Recording. After all, nearly everybody (including my Mum) carries a smartphone on them most of the time. Some people start on Smartphones and move on to more professional equipment – some people just stick to Smartphones.

Admittedly, there is a lot of gear available for specialist wildlife recording (of which I hope to blog a bit about in the coming months) and – for example – microphones that work underwater and microphones that work on contact.

However, the Sound Map Of Harrogate site seeks to be as demographic as possible – we have linked up with a local recording studio to enable the mastering of the files should it be needed – this option will be made available on the form.

So, what are the apps that are best suited for Field Recording? Well, I have an iOS device – here are my favourite in descending price:


Best: Hindenburg Field Recorder
Middling: RØDE Rec App
Free: ZOOM Handy Recorder App


Best: Field Recorder
Middling: RecForge Pro
Free: Audio Recorder

Now then, people can pay a lot of money for microphones that are suited for the smartphones listed above – there are Bat Detecting Microphones available from Italy that plug straight into your iPad. However, I am focussing on the essentials.

Unfortunately – I have not been able to test a Windows phone. I believe there should be a voice recorder on the Windows phone – the microphones built into the phone will be quite good (especially if it is a Nokia) so look for a general Voice Recorder on the Windows Phone app store.

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