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The Numero Group are associated with the cutting edge of the reissue game. And, now they have helped with Field Recordings. The Numero Group have released an iOS app of long-form field recordings that were originally made by Irv Teibel for his Environments series.

“Now Environments steps into the mobile age as an invaluable and unique sonic tool for the way YOU live” – boasts the Chicago label.

Comprising of a series of long-form recordings taken from the original LPs, the collection is available for Apple devices and intends to help you sleep, work, eat, meditate and even get your baby to sleep.

The Environments series started in the late 1960’s by Irv Teibel. They started out as location recordings at Coney Island, New York – originally intended for use in the Tony and Beverly Grant Conrad film Coming Attractions. After listening to the recordings at home Teibel had an epiphany and launched the Environments label.

Some of the recordings were tweaked using early IBM computers. Teibel went on to record many natural environments for his albums, which came complete with extensive psychological and physical texts. The albums were released throughout the ’70’s and ’80’s.

The app, at time of press, costs £2.99 from the app store. It allows you to listen to up to 22 recordings offline and it also contains extensive information about Teibel and his recordings.

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