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What Is Centuries Of Sound?

Centuries of Sound is an attempt to produce an audio mix for every year of recorded sound. Starting with 1860, a mix is posted every month until we catch up with the present day. The scope is more or less everything, music of course, but also speech and other sounds, the only limit being that music and sounds used must be from that year. Mixes start under three minutes and will get longer until they are two hours long (guessing this will be sometime in the 1930s).

Why On Earth …?

The person behind Centuries Of Sound is creating these mixes just the joy of the creative process – the experience of immersing myself in the past. The best moments in this process are when he hears something amazing and completely new to him. “When I’m editing down the tracks this means that I have an extra incentive to keep as much variety as possible.”

Being a bit of a completist, I started right at the beginning – to hear someone singing a century and a half ago was a humbling experience – something that made me stop and think. But, what if the recordings on Sound Map Of Harrogate prove to be a mind-bomb for someone else? What if, in years to come people will be listening to the sound of the cars and wonder how on earth we put up with the racket.

Bringing It Up To Date

I brought it up to this morning – catching up with the latest mix. It proved a moving experience to hear the 2016 mix – a year that was a terrible one for many, many people.

If you dig the project – think about becoming a member of their Patreon Page – for more about Centuries of Sound, please see their website at

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