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Centuries Of Sound

By on Jan 27, 2019 in Missing Soundscapes | 0 comments

What Is Centuries Of Sound? Centuries of Sound is an attempt to produce an audio mix for every year of recorded sound. Starting with 1860, a mix is posted every month until we catch up with the present day. The scope is more or less everything, music of course, but also speech and other sounds, the only limit being that music and sounds used must be from that year....

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Missing Soundscapes: The Post Horn

By on Nov 27, 2017 in Blog, Missing Soundscapes | 0 comments

Similar to the Hunting Horn was the European Post Horn. This is a sound that would have been frequent 200 years ago but is now missing. The Post Horn was persistent for centuries, for it began in the sixteenth century when the administration of the post was taken over by two families (Thurn & Taxis). As the postal routes stretched from Norway to Spain, so did...

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