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Numero Group Presents New App

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The Numero Group are associated with the cutting edge of the reissue game. And, now they have helped with Field Recordings. The Numero Group have released an iOS app of long-form field recordings that were originally made by Irv Teibel for his Environments series. “Now Environments steps into the mobile age as an invaluable and unique sonic tool for the way YOU live” – boasts the Chicago label. Comprising of a series of long-form recordings taken from the original LPs, the collection is available for Apple devices and...

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About This Project

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A Sound Map Of Harrogate is, so far, the work of one man – Andrew Backhouse. My work can be seen on – where I try to find the genii locus of a place through the recording of sound. I have had some success in the international press with my sound art. But, why create a Sound Map Of Harrogate? Well, although an in-comer to the town of Harrogate, I have fallen in love with the town and the people who live here. I would like to keep this website up running as long as I can – to try and track the...

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Start Of The Podcast

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It gives me no small pleasure – and a great sigh of relief – to tell you that A Sound Map Of Harrogate is now available on the iTunes Store. If you want to hear the fruits of this site in Podcast form be sure to click HERE. The media is all hosted on a top-secret server in Nottingham and I used Blubrry Podcasting App to facilitate the Post-Type Feed. Granted, the site is still in its infancy, but I am hoping to drum up as much support as possible for the project. I am very keen to get this site going – but, I am struggling...

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Missing Soundscapes: The Post Horn

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Similar to the Hunting Horn was the European Post Horn. This is a sound that would have been frequent 200 years ago but is now missing. The Post Horn was persistent for centuries, for it began in the sixteenth century when the administration of the post was taken over by two families (Thurn & Taxis). As the postal routes stretched from Norway to Spain, so did the Post Horn. Indeed Cervantes mentions them. In Germany, the last post horn was heard in 1925. In England, the Post Horn was still in use in 1914 when the London-to-Oxford mail...

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“So, What Equipment Do I Need …”

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Really, all you need is a modern phone. There are apps built for the reporting of news that can come in very handy for Field Recording. After all, nearly everybody (including my Mum) carries a smartphone on them most of the time. Some people start on Smartphones and move on to more professional equipment – some people just stick to Smartphones. Admittedly, there is a lot of gear available for specialist wildlife recording (of which I hope to blog a bit about in the coming months) and – for example – microphones that work...

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