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A Sound Map Of Harrogate is, so far, the work of one man – Andrew Backhouse. My work can be seen on – where I try to find the genii locus of a place through the recording of sound. I have had some success in the international press with my sound art.

But, why create a Sound Map Of Harrogate? Well, although an in-comer to the town of Harrogate, I have fallen in love with the town and the people who live here. I would like to keep this website up running as long as I can – to try and track the progression of the soundscape of the town.

The website is a WordPress build and I have a theme from Elegant Themes called Explorable. The sounds are all recorded and then edited using Absentia DX. The files are hosted on Amazon S3 and the files are made available on iTunes using the plugin Blubrry Podcast Plugin.

The Blubrry plugin essentially lets the site create an RSS feed that I have linked up to iTunes and related Podcast providers – please see the relevant page HERE to see about subscribing.

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